URE V1.0 working In progress

テストモデリンク by KAKOMIKIさん

Hello everyone,

URE V1.0 working In progress

Change to Gbuffer

highpoly performance improvemented

NEW Features
■material Reflective

NEW Features will do list

■Import mode
■Edit mode
■Render mode
■Dynamic Cloud
■Highmap Terrain

thank you very much~
2010.01.7 1.33pm at yokohama

I am pleased to release the URE:GTP v1.0beta.
ABOUT URE(Uani Render Engine), is just a fast real-time render tools.

■Original texture input support
■Original Material Diffuse Specular color input support
■Texture alpha input support
■Object move animation input support
■Soft Area Shadowmap
■Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
■Screen Space Global illumination
■Radiosity color bleeding
■2X Anti-aliasing with HDR
■Dynamic Sun position
■Dynamic simple Lighting
■Dynamic Sky Lighting
■Custom HDR
■HDR Velocity Motion Blur
■Buffer Motion blur
■HDR Bokeh DOF
■Graphical User Interface

Commend configure
CPU: Core2 2.40Ghz or better
RAM: 2G or better
Video Card: Nvidia Geforce 9800 or or ATI Radeon HD 4870 better Compatible DirectX 9.0
DirectX:9.0c must Support shader model 3.0 video card

you can download it with this link:

Please send your model test screenshots,configuration and desktop resolution out here. I will know what kind of software bug. Very grateful to you for your cooperation. GTP edition a free software, Anyway, I hope this software can work for you helpfully.

thank you very much~
2010.04.12 8:00 at yokohama


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