URE:GTP betav1.0 URE is a fast real-time rendering tool. It can show your model at real-time and take large screenshot for printing.
 Jet Engine Very flashy presentation of a jet engine. Uses motion blur, sound and post processing to enhance the experience.
 Condominium Nice indoor visualization. Features high Quality light maps, interchangeable configurations and video playback.
 Area visualization Outdoor and indoor visualization combined into one. Features an interactive mode and a ‘movie’ mode.
 Uani_Widescreen_Room some extra post processing effects for extra ambiance in the room.
 Uani_Depth_of_Field Stylish technology demo of a typical Japanese model and a depthof field technique created by the author of the demo. Use the “X” and “Z” key to change the focus.
 Uani_particle_effect using almost all and any effect in this demo
 Uani_speedtree_rt “space“ can be control light rotate speed.use render caustics with realtime shadowmapping
 uani_beijing_alley The historical site recovers password:uani
 Uani_interactive_demo you can cabinets to add or remove and change the material on some surface.